Nicholas Rothwell House is owned by St. Giles Charity Estates, which was founded in the 15th Century.

For your interest here are some milestones in the history of the St. Giles Charity.


Edward Watson gave 70 acres of land and the income from which was used to benefit the poor people of St. Giles Parish.


George Coldwell created a second Charity to which two properties at 40 and 40a Abington Street were given.


The Charity was given two houses in Wood Street which is now part of Northampton’s shopping Mall, the Grosvenor Centre.


A gift of £100 by Owen Dodden enabled the Charity to purchase the property 64a Abington Street.


Nicholas Rothwell died and his widow gave money to the Charity through the good offices of the Mayor of Northampton. With this bequest the Feoffees (an ancient name for Trustees) purchased a field, which was later substituted by 34 acres of land in the Duston area. The income from this land was given to the poor and also used to place poor boys in apprenticeships.


Arthur Gooday gave land at St. Edmunds End, the rent of which was used to buy bread and overcoats for the poor of St. Giles Parish at Candlemas and Easter.


The Master of Chancery Court pronounced various Regulations governing the Charity, and these still exist to this day. There were 15 Feoffees who originally had to be householders in the Ancient Parish of St. Giles, and whose houses had to exceed £10 in value.

1970 to date

The criteria for Trusteeship was extended to include persons carrying on business in the Borough of Northampton, and subsequently in the County of Northamptonshire.

The Origins of Nicholas Rothwell House

The land at Duston given to the Charity in 1662 was sold in the 1980’s and now forms part of the St. Giles Park Housing Estate. The Chairman of the Feoffees at that time, Mr. Brian Schanschieff, suggested that a short stay care unit would suit the needs of the community. The sale proceeds were used to acquire land within the grounds of the Harborough Road Hospital and building work commenced in October 1986, the first residents being welcomed on 25th September 1987.

Dame Jill Knight performed the official opening of Nicholas Rothwell House on 17th June 1988.